Friday, April 30, 2010

Annie at the park

We are very lucky and have some really nice parks around our house.  Every morning and evening I take Annie for her walk and sticking throwing work out.  She is a very stick focused type of dog.  I'm also working with her on maybe someday doing search and rescue work. She now can walk on very narrow boards that wobble, go through tunnels and slide down slides. One of the draw backs to teaching her all this, is she is able to figure out how to get things we put out of reach at home.  She can climb on to the smallest space (less than 6" square) then stand on her hind legs to get whatever she thinks she needs to have.  I've watched her when she is trying to figure out how to get to a slipper (one of her favorite things to chew on) that I've put out of her reach.  One time she moved a box closer to the table then tested one corner before climbing on to to get the slipper.  Annie is a very smart dog but her best trait is that she has a very sweet temperament and  is very gently.


Niki said...

Annie is a real gem, and very smart. Start worrying when she convinces Percy to get things for her that she can't reach! I swear my dog Val could talk to our cat, and he would knock things down for her that she couldn't reach.

I enjoy your cards and Annie updates!


AimeeInOhio said...

Aw look at Annie! I sure have enjoyed your posts about her. Shepherds are my fave, and your Annie has the best face!!!