Monday, April 12, 2010

Home made Scones

I've always liked the idea of high tea and scones.  One of the advantage of getting up before sunrise is that you have a lot of time in the morning to get things done.   Annie gets to walk off leash at the park, especially when it's raining.  Very few people walk their dogs that early.  Back home while the washing machine and dryer were running, I made some scones.  I'm not a big fan of scones but after making them I can see why people like them - the amount of butter, sugar and sour cream would make your heart stop.  I made mine extra crisp on the bottom and top them with some homemade berry jam.  Nice and tasty right out of the oven!

1 comment:

Susan Raihala said...

Ooooooh, can I come over? Looks delicious!