Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Cat

Lucy aka Happy Cat. She had to give up her bedroom for a whole week and she was not happy about it. Every morning and at bedtime she would yowl at us to open her door so she could go to sleep on "her" bed. I had to clean up the room for one of my CJ buddies to use, so it was off limits to anything that could throw up a hair ball. When Patti arrived at my house and opened the bedroom door, Lucy and Purrcy were right there. Lucy was looking for a way to get under the covers and Purrcy inspected all the boxes. Right after Patti left for the airport, Lucy was on "her" bed in her favorite spot.


toners said...

Lucy looks glad to be back in "her" spot :)

plg said...

Thanks for sharing your space with me Lucy!!! Angel likes her new toys, one is already missing in action!