Thursday, June 26, 2008

CJ - Happy Mail

Toni from my CJ group gave all of us an assignment during our week long retreat. She pre-stamped some images and then ask us to make a card and mail it to the person she listed in the packet. Toni calls this "happy mail". We had to use one of the image and some of the bling she included plus there is a three week deadline to get it out in the mail. I decided to make two cards and get it done today, since I have to go to the post office to mail a snack package off to my son. One image is from Cat's Pajamas and super hero guy is Billy from Pink Cat Studio. Very simple cards that took less than ten minutes once I decided on what colors to use. I'm posting the cards now, because I know the person who will be getting them doesn't visit any of our blogs.


Lisa said...

Cute cards Lisa:)
Glad to hear that you're having so much fun with your CJ group!

BTW-the superhero stamp is from
Pink Cat Studio-The 'Billy" Collection:)


Flatfish said...

Thanks for the information about Billy. I will change it on my blog.


plg said...

Show off - mine are in my bag to do at work today, but with my brain spinning on possible class ideas, I can't focus!!!!!!

toners said...

Lisa - these are awesome! I see you did some coloring too :) Your recipient is going to love her happy mail!!