Wednesday, June 25, 2008

CJ Retreat Review

WOW what a week I've had. My whole CJ (Circle Journal) group came out to California and we had a blast. Friday (during the heat wave) was a marathon of shopping day. We visited nine srcapbooking or rubber stamp stores - photo on the left is what I got. I picked up a lot of ribbon to use with my kimono cards. On Saturday we had a variety of classes which was a great mix of ideas and skill level - see top photo. We made a calendar that had a million parts (Rocio), learned how to gut a book, stitch the binding and turn it into a journal (Patti), take a clear plastic file folder and make a coupon holder (Patty) and three cards (Toni). I did my washi paper pendents which didn't need a lot of direction, so it was a pick up project when you had time. The best part of the whole week was finally getting to meet everyone in person. Some of us have known each other (via the internet) for four years but have never met in person. We had so much fin that we hope to do it again next year.

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toners said...

You did well with your shopping! The ribbon is very pretty!