Wednesday, June 25, 2008

CJ Sailing

Some photos (thank you Toni) from our sailing trip out on San Francisco By with my cousin-in-law Libbie Sheldon on her sail boar "while I can". It was on that really hot day we had last week so we didn't need our coats when we went out. For those of you who sail around here, that is a rare treat. The sky was so clear we had great views of the city. After the sail we all went out to dinner (ate way too much) walked around a bit to work off dinner then head out to our hotel. We got a little turned around so we took those really hilly streets (you know the ones - you can only see the hood of your car and not the road.) which was more like a amusement park ride!!! I'm waiting for the others to post the other adventures we had so I can link you directly to them.

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