Sunday, June 15, 2008

Evan's Graduation

Just got back from Seattle and my daughter's graduation from UW (University of Washington) It was one of those unusual days for Seattle. We all thought it was going to rain (see photo before the ceremony started) but the sun came out and cooked everyone on our side of the stadium. Last year it rained through the whole thing and the kids got soaked. If you look at the photo of the kids walking in, Evan is in front of the yellow umbrella next to the girl in the gold jacket. Both girls are her roommates and they wanted to make sure we could spot them. The kids were baking down there and there were a lot of sunburned necks. We had a nice barbecue at the house and I finally got to meet all the other parents.


Sues said...

How wonderfully exciting for you!!! Does this mean she's coming home? Or staying in Seattle? That's another place I LOVE!!!

toners said...

How exciting! You must all be so proud of Evan :) It looks like a great ceremony!

plg said...

I wonder where her creative mind comes from????? Yellow umbrella, gold jacket......congratulations mom!