Thursday, June 19, 2008

C.J. in town

After months of planning, my CJ (Circle Journal) group is finally coming to California! I've known some of the women in the group for over 4 years but have never met in person since we live in different states. We have done so many CJ together, we know a lot about each other and shared many thing via emails. It will be great to meet in person! We have a whirlwind of things planned. Today we will be heading up to San Francisco to go sailing (photo opt of the city from the water) then see the some of the local sights. Then on Friday we will visit ALL the scrapbook and rubber stamp stores in the Bay Area - yes, I mean we will visit all of them in one day. I glad I'm not one of the drivers. :) After that we will end up in Monterey at a beautiful beach house to have a marathon of classes. Most of us are art teachers or design team members so everyone is doing a class. From the itinerary of classes listed - it's going to be awesome. I won't be posting anything on my blog until the end of next week when I get back from my CJ retreat.

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