Wednesday, June 25, 2008

CJ Project - Beach Box

This was another project we did at the beach house. We were each given a wooden box (and a frame but I didn't finish that one) a box full of different paint and sea shells. It was interesting to see what everyone did with their box. I decide to use some of the glass tiles that I had for my washi paper project. Some of the tiles can't be used for jewelry because they still have pointy edges so I add them to the top of my box. Debbie had a bag full of old magazines and books, which I tore pages out of to mount to the back of my glass tiles. The sea glass is from one of my trips to Hawaii many years ago. There are several layers of paint on my box - none of which I can remember now. We started out using white glue to hold down the shells but had to switch to diamond glaze which worked out better once it dried.

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toners said...

This looks great with the glass tiles on top! Love the color too :)