Sunday, June 26, 2011

Food - Something New

Related Posts with ThumbnailsLast night I went to the San Mateo Obon festival.  I usually don't go to the summer festivals, too many people and you tend to over eat.  I was meeting my art buddy Mike there to pick up some ginkgo leaves (for an up coming art project) since he was going to be there anyways. 
They had something I've never seen or eaten before called "imagawayaki" which is like a thick pancake sandwich with sweet bean paste in the middle. Always in search of something new and different to do down at the Akiyama Wellness Center, I check into it.  It's not bad but I'm not a big fan of pancakes but they were selling like hotcakes at the festival.  So after taking photos and asking a million questions, I tracked down a used machine that I hope to be able to borrow.  After a quick Internet search found out you can stuff it with almost anything.  I'm thinking bacon, eggs and cheese.  When I get the machine down to the center, I will put my great team of volunteers on the task of mastering the timing it takes to make these puppies.

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