Sunday, June 19, 2011


pick it up and throw it please
If you read my blog, you know I get up at sunrise to walk/run Annie. Without her morning and evening workout, I'm not sure I would have any furniture left in the house. I took Annie into the vet's on Saturday because she was limping and holding her left paw up. Vet said her knees and hips were fine (area of concern in German Shepherds)so best guess is she just strained her front legs. She does have a little cut on the pad of her left foot, so that could be the reason she is holding it up. The vet did tell me to keep her quiet, no tennis ball throwing or running around with her pack.
Annie is a smart dog and when she realized I wasn't going to be throwing her tennis balls, she went and found something I could toss. She was very insisted that I throw this piece of wood. It's hard to walk a 75 pound dog when a block of wood is being dropped in front of you every other step. :) 

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