Saturday, June 18, 2011

Controlled Chaos - Life working in a non-profit

Controlled Chaos
"In chaos theory, control of chaos is based on the fact that any chaotic attractor contains an infinite number of unstable periodic orbits. Chaotic dynamics then consists of a motion where the system state moves in the neighborhood of one of these orbits for a while, then falls close to a different unstable periodic orbit where it remains for a limited time, and so forth. This results in a complicated and unpredictable wandering over longer periods of time."

I know there are those who believe people can't multi-task but then I know they have never worked for a non-profit group either.:) Running the Akiyama Wellness Center requires wearing many different hats all at the same time or what I like to call Controlled Chaos. Imagine planning and hosting several birthday parties, a wedding, conference, counseling sessions and writing a research paper all in the same day. From the moment we walk through the door we hit the floor running and it doesn't stop until we leave - in my case 12 hours later. All of the senior staff at the Yu Ai Kai carry a work load like this because we truly know we are making a difference in lives of the seniors we serve. Without the help from our volunteers, we would not be able to continue the great service and programs. I had to smile on Friday which was a super busy day, with 60+ people coming through the building for various treatments(free massages, medical Qi Gong)and classes along with taking in a furniture donations from a local bank. In the mist of all the chaos, my great band of volunteers were calming working on their tasks as they walked around the growing piles of bank donations. Even with all the chaos going on in the center, they never forgot to take the time to smile and greet the seniors.  

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