Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mystery Vacation

Related Posts with ThumbnailsJust got back from our mystery vacation. I planned the whole itinerary for our mini two day vacation to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. My hubby had know idea what we were going to do and really he didn't care.  Never asked what we going to do and acted bored most of the time. But we did do some fun stuff IMO. We live near some of the oldest redwood tree groves. On Sunday we went zip lining through the big redwoods.  Not as scary as I thought it would be but it was something we've never done before.  We had perfect weather and I was surprised that we had sea legs after we were done.  Didn't know the redwoods were swaying so much while we were zipping.  After that we went to a B&B in Moss Landing  called  "The Captain's Inn".  Again something we've never done before.  It was very warm along the coast that day. Since we were the only people at the Inn that night, we could leave all the windows and doors open.  We had dinner at The Whole Enchilada" (a restaurant we have driven past a thousand times before and never stopped at) and during the super bowl game had Mexican Cioppino and pear margaritas. Both were very good.

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