Sunday, February 27, 2011

Great Spa Weekend - The Lodge at Sonoma

Related Posts with ThumbnailsHad a great weekend doing the whole spa experience at The Lodge at Sonoma and spending time with my daughter for my birthday. 
We had dinner at the girl & the fig which was a fun place.  The portions are small (French style of eating) so you will be able to try a lot of different things and not get over stuffed.
 Burger with shoe string fries - what Michelle had.
Cheese sampler
During our dinner my daughter and her roommate's mom ordered steak tartar - yes raw beef chopped up.  Marta said the steak was way too salty and she didn't eat after the first bite.  She had a really hard week and was very tired so not very hungry.  When the bus girl was picking up our plates, I asked that she tell the chef that the tartar was over salted. My daughter was horrified that I would say anything.  Our waitress came over a few minutes later and said that the chef sampled the tartar (can't believe they would eat somthing coming back into the kitchen) that was left on the plate and said we must have added something to it at our table.  Turns out that Marta doesn't like to wear her eyeglasses in public, so what she thought was chopped onion in the little bowl served with the steak was really coarse sea salt.  She had covered the whole thing in salt!  After we got done laughing, I thanked the waitress for solving the mystery about our "user error" at the table.  It was totally our fault the steak was over salted but they didn't charge us for that part of the dinner, which I thought was very nice.  The  handcrafted cheese assortment and shoe string fries where my favorites.

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