Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How important is the sheet thread count?

Related Posts with ThumbnailsOn my recent mystery vacation, I asked a lot of questions about random things where ever we stopped at. The B&B innkeeper told us that people under the age of 30 always ask what the thread count of the sheets were.  I could only guess the thought was, higher the count, the better the inn.  I buy a high thread count sheets for my bed, but it's because they last longer (don't pill) than the cheaper brands. I'm guessing people don't know that hotels can't use cheap sheets because they would not last very long in the commercial laundry machines they have to use.  B&B by law (in CA) have to have their linens dry cleaned, cheap sheet would not last.  Do you think it's true if the hotel/inn uses high thread count sheets the better the place will be? Just wondering if people really make their decision on where to stay based on the sheet thread count.  What do you think?


Susan Raihala said...

Sounds like the younger generation has been totally brainwashed to believe that status goes beyond clothes and cars and neighborhoods and they are also entitled to high-thread-count sheets. Hmmm. Interesting.

Brenda R said...

I'm middle age, and yes thread count is important to me. 40 years ago 180 was a nice percale sheet. Now 200 is pretty darn rough!! And some of the hotels I've stayed at the last couple of years were still at 200.

Holiday Inn Express has updated their bedding package, and it's wonderful.

Any sheets I buy for my home have to be 400. But there is also a difference in the cottons. Egyptian long staple cotton in a 300 count has turned out to be very good in a set that I purchased. I do not have any experience with the 800 or 1000.