Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scrapbook Island Flea Market - recap

  On Saturday, I helped out  all day at the Scrapbook Island flea market.  Even if your'e not a scrapbooker, it's something every crafty person should attend.  Ladies started lining up at 6:30 am and the doors didn't open until 10:00.  This year they handed out numbers to the first 50 people, so you couldn't hold a space in line for 20 of your dearest friends to cut in at the last minute.  That was only the fair way for those who came early to stand in line.  I would guess they had 150 -200 ladies shopping their hearts out.  With that type of crowd, only 50 people  at a time were let in. If you showed up at 10:00, you didn't get into the sale until at 1:00.  Yes, people waited outside for almost 3 hours. There were tons of great deals and things selling for as low as a nickel. 
Something that really surprised me was someone selling off their 16" Genesis paper cutter with a light box, (I think this is the best paper cutter in the world) for only $200.00. It retails for $390.00.  The story gets better.  In the afternoon after the crowds died down, a young gal came in and we started talking about the Genesis.  She said she got one for her mom (I said what a nice daughter) at a Goodwill store in Fremont for only $4.99.  At first I thought she said $499.00 but no, she paid less than $5.00 for a 12" Genesis cutter in excellent condition!  I told her to go out and buy a lottery ticket.
Next crafty flea market is next month at Cranberry Hill.

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