Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Custom Donor Tree in the Making

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Today was a very long day.  For the last month I've been working on the preview party for the new Wellness Center down at the Yu Ai Kai Senior center in San Jose.  I designed the invitations that went out to the donors who made large $$$ donations to remodeling the very old and run down building around the corner from the senior center.  One of the big ticket items for the center was  buying and installing a donor tree with leaves. It is a fundraiser to help raise the additional money needed to finish the building.  Mike Nakamoto (good friend of mine) donated his time and talent to make the tree which saved the project over $15,000.   Today Mike spent all day cutting out the tree and welding the branches together.   Poor Mike was totally exhausted.  
The next step is to add texture to the metal and then to chemically age it.  After that we have to get it up on the wall before the party on Thursday.  There are lots of other little details we need to take care of but getting the tree done on time is number one on my list.

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