Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Creative challenge and blog candy mix

The winner for last week's creative challenge is Lydia from Texas! I will be mailing out her blog candy this week.
For this week's creative challenge inspiration I found this cat collage that used over 250 photos of cats. The creator, Jim Bumgardner is a digital artist. When you click on any section of the collage, the small photo used will enlarge so you can see the original photo. Here's the link
I see the challenge going in so many ways with this photo. Reuse something, layering, cats (one of my favorite subjects) as well as collage. Let you imagination go wild!
Just post your card and link it back to my blog. A winner will be picked and sent some nice blog candy. Have fun!


plg said...

Did you try flickr.com for the digital cat photo?

Flatfish said...

Yep but I can't find it. Still searching for it.

jbum said...

Here's the interactive version:


Lydia said...


Love this new challenge. I'm going to have to ponder!!