Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Halloween Squash

This year in my garden I grew some globe (round) zucchini and for those of you who have gardens, if you let a zucchini go too long they can get HUGE. Well this year we missed this one and when I found it, I thought it looked like a pumpkin. So, it's been sitting in the backyard (slowing turning yellow) for about a month waiting for it's moment in the spot light. I finally had time to move it to the front door in time for Halloween. Not sure how well it will carve up. :)

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plg said...

I love it! I'm also glad to hear "Globe Zucchini". Ever since I was out there last June I've tried to figure out what kind of zucchini you grew for Fritz's stuffed zucchini! NOW I know - I'll have to grow some next year. I've been craving that recipe.