Friday, September 5, 2008

SU Whisper White Sub

At one of my workshops last month, there was a discussion on what other white card stock is the same as Stampin Up's Whisper white card stock. After searching high and low here in CA at all the paper warehouses, I was not able to find anything. I was given names of companies to check out but when I did a side by side comparison, they weren't the same. I finally asked Greg at Marco's Paper in Ohio (yes, all the way across the country) and he said he's best guess was Beckett Expression "Iceberg". So I ordered 4 reams and waited nervously for it to arrive. When I check it against the SU card stock, it feels and looks the same. The reason I could not find it out in CA, is because Beckett has a older line also called Expression and that is what the warehouses near me still carry so be careful if you order it online from anyone other than Greg at Marco's Paper, he's got the real thing. :)

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