Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Domestic Diva Day

Monday is my "Domestic Diva Day" were I schedule to do all those household chores that have to be done. DDD sounds so much better than chores. :) All the grocery shopping, clean up the house and studio (which took over 7 hours to do - yes, I get messy) car washed, laundry and any other random errands that get on my list. I love to have fresh flowers (which is always on my shopping list) in my front hallway and I just couldn't pass these up when I saw them. I think I will dig out some of my sunflower stamps and make a few cards today.


Debbie said...

Could tuesday being the day you do the domestic diva thing at my house??? Please!!!

plg said...

What a happy, sunny greeting for everyone to see when they come into your front hall!
I love these!