Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How to make Faux Dichroic Glass

I got the idea from Tim Hotlz's DVD "The Journey Continues" by PageSage. Since I didn't have all the ingredients used on the DVD, I worked with what I had.
1) Fry pan (got this on ebay years ago to use when I was in my bee wax phase)
2) Glass tiles. I used ones that were NOT etched
3) UTEE clear, UTEE black (can make you own but I had a jar) & UTEE gold (this melts faster for some reason)
4) Alcohol inks (I used lettuce, stream and eggplant)
5) Mylar tissue paper which you can get at any Craft store in the tissue paper or gift wrap section.
6) Spatula to lift tiles out of pan. Has to be able to take high heat.
7) Non stick craft sheet
This is the basic information and steps. I'm not going to list all the safety stuff you should already know. If you need that information than go get the DVD. Just remember this stuff is SUPER HOT and smelly.
1) Mix alcohol ink and clear UTEE. It takes a while to get the color to blend with the UTEE. I had all my UTEE in small containers so I could quickly pick up a pinch and sprinkle on the tiles.
2) My pan has no numbers on it, so I had it on as high as it would go. Add glass tile to pan and cover with black embossing powder then sprinkle a little gold over the top. 3) Have the mylar that has been crumble up (this is important) cut to fit over the tile. Place over UTEE once it has melted. 4) Sprinkle clear UTEE over tile (this is an important step) 5) Sprinkle your alcohol ink UTEE over parts of the tile. 6) If you don't like the edges of the mylar showing, I add just a tiny bit of gold around the edges. If you add too much it will cover the whole tile again - not good. If this happens (can you tell I made with mistake?) add more clear UTEE which will make the gold UTEE melt off to the sides. 7) Remove from pan and let cool on non stick craft sheet. Remember this is super hot. 8) After I finished making all the tiles, I melted some black UTEE in the pan and edged all the tiles in black.


Debbie said...

okay, this is WAY beyond what I am willing to do. But it looks nice.

Ron Mylar said...

This house which is given in the starting is very nice. As this now become my dream house. I always want to live in this type of home.

Anonymous said...

wow!! I have a new shopping list now! thank you!