Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Place to Bark

Bernie Berlin is a multi media artist who runs a no kill animal shelter called " A Place to Bark". This is one of the non-profit groups that Purrcy, Lucy and I support. The fur babies and I started donating money to Bernie when she did a video showing all the animals she was caring for. She was working on raising money to build a shelter so the animals would not have to be outside in the weather. As she was showing the elderly dogs she has to keep in her house (too old to be outside) she opened the bathroom door to show where the kittens were kept. You could hear all the dogs barking around Bernie (happy barking) and here were these tiny little kitten looking at the camera. Purrcy and I decided the kittens really needed their own quiet place in Bernie's shelter, so we started donating. If you visit her blog, you will see the building being built from the donations collected and some pretty darn cute pictures of the dogs that have been taken in. Thanks Berine for all your hard work!

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toners said...

Awwww! What a great cause! :)