Sunday, September 28, 2008

Honey Harvest - Mr D's Bees Honey

It's honey harvest time at our house. After several hours of removing the bees wax for the frames and spinning the honey out in a huge honey extractor, we have over 5 gallons from just one hive! Really,
I just helped cover everything with plastic sheeting and stayed out of my husband's way. He's very picky about working with his girls (99% of the bees in a hive are female) and their honey The honey is now resting in strainers all over the kitchen before being put into jars. My mom used to call honey "bee spit" and couldn't understand why someone would want to eat it. I thought that "Bee Spit" would be a good name for our label, but Doug wanted "Mr D's Bees Honey".


Lydia said...

Ohhh - I'm so envious of your bees!!! I LOVE honey and love furry little bees. What a gorgeous photo.

Bee spit is hysterical!! I would have voted for that!

plg said...

I like the name Doug picked out. Kinda dances off your tongue! I broke a jar of honey this weekend, it kinda fell out of the cupboard when I was getting something out from behind it - yucko!

Mo said...

Come on Doug! How about Mr. D's Bee Spit Honey?

Romy said...

Bit Spit Honey is Fun! How can I get my hands on your honey?