Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Urban Bees or "the girls"

Many of you know that my husband and I are urban bee keepers. We have two hives and thought I would take a photo of the girls (99% of all bees are female) hard at work. They are working so well, we will have to process some honey out of the hives soon.- that's about 5 gallons. If you see a bee swarm in your yard or at work, please call you local bee guild (not the City) who in most cases can put you in contact with a guild member. If the swarm is found early enough (don't wait to call) they can be captured and move it to a better location or hive. Once the hive moves into a building or remote spot, they are very hard to remove without killing them.


plg said...

You go girls!

Lydia said...

Are you really??? That is so cool!!! I am all worried about the bees now that I read about hive collapse. I love bees.

PS - I also love honeybee ice cream from Hagen Dazs which helps bees!!


Shirley said...

I'll remember that. Thanks for the information.