Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cornflakes - Card Swap

Once a month I get together with my card club the "Cornflakes" or just the "flakes" to the locals and we swap cards. It's always a fun time to catch up and talk stamping. We had additional excitement last night with a major flare up on Jan's (our host) propane grill. As the rest of us were happily chatting in the house, Jan was battling her grill which caught on fire (grease) and was trying to turn the hamburgers into charcoal. Jan came in all sweaty and said there was a little accident with the grill (I thought she was just having a hot flash) and there was going to be a menu change. Marcia (a practical mom of two teenagers) was busy carving off the burnt parts of the hamburgers, which really were tasty. It was lucky that Jan made big fat burgers that could take the intense heat, otherwise we would have had chip burgers. This was the ultimate "quick fire" challenge! :)

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