Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Cuttlebug Card

These are the last two cards for my Halloween Cuttlebug class. I like to make them simple so people can make more when they get home. The Cuttlebug makes things so easy. I think the Pillsbury Dough boy's name is Poppin Fresh. There was a discussion with some 5 year old twins about the this. Should I change the head stone?


mtfalco said...

These cards are cute lisa! I really like the headstones w/ the ghosts. =)

Shelly said...

These are so cute, wouldn't change a thing!

Debbie said...

the cat card is cute, cute, cute!

plg said...

Pillsbury Dough Boy = Pop'in Fresh

Unless you're putting his actual name on the headstone, I wouldn't change it!

These are adorable!