Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Flatfish Update.

This card just made me laugh when I saw it on Lydia Fiedler's blog "Understand Blue". It's her "sorry I'm late" birthday card. The embarrassed little red balloon is just too funny! See my blog roll for the link. Lydia is also the host for the Zindorf workshops happening in Austin next month as well as a new fur baby mommy. Visit her blog because I think she is the first person to have made a kitten sling - not shoot through the air but carry around with you type for her fur babies.
It's been a whirl wind of activity at my house and I haven't be able to blog anything or get any stamping done. Now that I'm the booking agent for Michelle Zindorf my mornings are spent answering emails, (having my computer crash in the middle of everything) ordering supplies, booking flights, and dealing with the back office stuff so Michelle can focus on what she does best - the making of inspired rubber stamp art.
I'm also researching why we on the West Coast can't have a good rubber stamp show. There are tons of them in the Mid-West or so I'm told, so it looks like I will have to fly out for a field trip next year and check them out. Yes, we are working on doing a stamp show here in San Jose that would make women flying in from all over, spend a whole week crafting and cry when it's all over. Anyone want to help?


Lydia said...

ohhh - why are you so sweet??

Thanks so much for the shout out. I love that card.


Wish you could come with Michelle!! You're doing a great job.

toners said...

LOL about the kitten sling :) I did have visions of kittens flying through the air cartoon-style!

The west is definitely lacking in quality stamp shows....keep us posted!