Monday, August 18, 2008

Stamp Zia - Zana Clark Workshop

Workshop alert! I'm in the process of booking Stamp Zia to fly out either the first weekend in December (yes, I know it's not the best time) or the third weekend in February 2009. Just wanted to see what date Stamp Zia fans would like and what projects to do. Visit Zana's website and let me know what you would be interested in.


Lisa said...

Looks very interesting Lisa
I could probably do any date as long as it's nowhere near New Years as I'm usually out of the country during these times.
Keep me in the loop and let me know if you need any help:)


Shirley said...

Love Zia stamps and have many. I love the ones you have in your photos. I don't have those!!! :-(

SC-The Artful Mama said...

I LOVE the "Wild Watercolor" Zia Style class at the bottom of the page. It is really gorgeous and has a unlimited possibilities!!
Look forward to the details!! I could make the Dec or Feb class.
Susan Chong

Melissa said...

I would prefer February...
Silk Fan Duet
Mini Atlantis Mural
Luna Paper Quilt or
Zia Sphere Waterlily

Betcha I already have all the stamps!

Thanks, Melissa