Sunday, August 10, 2008

In the Beginning - The Sheldon Family

Grandpa Sheldon purchased 5 lots up in Mackinaw MI in the 1930's, one for each of his children. The family did a lot of camping up on the beach before Grandpa Sheldon purchased the lots. He built a little cabin you can just see in the background. Over the years, each of the Sheldon children built a cabin on their lot. Now all the grandchildren and great grand children are enjoying Mackinaw. The Sheldon reunion was held this past weekend in honor of Ells and Louise Sheldon.


plg said...

This is absolutely breathtaking - look at the blues in the water of Lake Michigan!
Love it! Who took the arial photo & when was it done?

Flatfish said...

The photo was taken in 1996. I think a cousin had a sea/water plane and another cousin's husband is a photographer and he took the picture