Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Zindorf Workshop Count Down

Th count down has started for the Zindorf workshop this weekend. Michelle will be flying in tomorrow (along with her sister) and the first workshop start on Friday morning. I have my studio all set up and waiting for everyone. I will be cutting the paper tonight, I always wait this long, in case of any last minute changes but other than that I'm all set. You can see the little pyramid of ink pads in front of everyone chair. Michelle is planning on using a lot of color!


plg said...

How absolutely exciting! You've worked long & hard for this weekend - HAVE A GREAT TIME!!! Take plenty of pics & be sure to post.
Oh - & tell Doug I work til 7 on Thursday, all day Friday & Saturday. If he stops in I'll send home a free gift for ya!

toners said...

Oh my, you are all in for a fabulous time! Be sure and take LOTS of pics for all of us out-of-towners to see :) Have fun!