Sunday, July 20, 2008


One of our good friends Bill had a surprised 50th birthday party at the Los Gatos Bocce Club last night. Bill's wife Kristen was so funny letting Bill think he had made the decision to out and play bocce. He really was surprised! After a couple of games we then went inside and had a great Italian dinner with Bill's favorite wines (Bill's wine buyer was one of the guests) and then got to watch Bill open his gifts. We have known Bill for over 30 years so I made a card with a photo from one of our first Christmas together. (Bill, Doug and I use to be roommates way back when) Bill (the one holding the tape measure down) use to have hair down to his waist and was skinny as a bean pole. Everyone had a good chuckle seeing the photo. Happy Birthday Bill!


plg said...

How fun is that! It's not too often you have friends in your life for THAT long....:)
Hope you're keeping your sanity, how many days til MZ?

Debbie said...

Okay, I want to see the picture of the three of you!

Flatfish said...

I was the only one with a camera at the party. I'm looking for the photo of all three of us from 30 years ago. We all were skinny and had long hair. :)