Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Additon To My Studio - RD2D

Seems like it's been days since I last posted anything - well it really has been almost a week. As usual something is always going on here at Flatfishpaperarts. For the last week we've had unseasonably high temperatures during the day. One of the nice things living in the Bay Area is when the sun goes down so does the temperature. One thing I notice right after my studio was finished was how nice and warm the room was when I had all 27 true light bulbs on. I knew when summer rolled around this could become BIG problem. With the Zindorf workshop only a few weeks away it was time to bit the bullet and get AC unit for the studio. There was a perfect space for it in the corner of the studio - almost like I had planned to have one there all along. I've now named it RD2D It's working out so well, we got for my Dad too!


toners said...

Yeah for AC! One of the best inventions EVER!

plg said...

I've missed your posts! Our AC went out on my car yesterday - it's pushing 90 here. They want 60 bucks to fix it, but Steve can order the parts & do it for $300. I'm so happy he's a mechanic!

Flatfish said...

My AC went out in the Jeep a few years ago and it cost $3,000 to fix. They had to take the whole dashboard out to do something with line. Good think you sleep with a machanic!