Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Feline Funnies

These are the samples for my "Feline Funnies" class in August. It's quick and simple card class in honor of all those fur babies with attitude! Lucy (my cat) was the creative inspiration for most of the cards. This morning she made sure she got all the attention. Coughed up a hair ball, beat up Purrcy (my other cat) and made him cry loud enough to get my attention and then ran around the house like the race car. I really love the card on the left - talk to the tail. When Lucy is really mad at us, she will turn her back to us and not make eye contact. I've heard that other cats do this when not happy with their people.


toners said...

Lisa, what a great idea for a class! Love all the different furbabies on there :)

Debbie said...

Yup, one of my cats turns her back on me when she is mad. The best though is when Lucy turned her back on you but watched in the mirror!

Moose Ridge said...

Penguin was DH's baby... not only did she turn her back on him when she was mad, as soon as she realized that he wasn't looking at her, she would make eye contact, stalk to be in front of him and sit down again with that back turned! This could go on for several hours if she was really mad!!

love the art!
Dunlap TN

Lisa said...

Wondering if you are going to do this class again next month or even the last week of August as I'm going to be in Hawaii on Aug 17but would love to take the class