Saturday, July 26, 2008

Off by 1/4" - art

I dragged home this very heavy folding screen from the auction house today, thinking it would look nice in the studio and help shield the garage door. My husband has been complaining that it's too bright when the sun hits the windows. I had the next door neighbor's son and his buddies come over and help me move it into the studio. The boys got it into place only to discover that it was 1/4" to tall for my house. Totally bummed that I didn't measure the space right and knowing I could not take it back or resale it. What to do? I took off the hinges and leaned each panels into the spot. After that I spent the next hour moving all the cabinets around to see if I could make it look any better. The beach geese came out of a huge estate home that had it in their indoor swimming pool area - not to be confused with their outdoor swimming pool area. The guys at the auction said the house was so big that they had to tie a string from the front of the house to the back so they could find their way back to the truck. :) I thought it was a fun piece of art even with all the age spots on it. I'm now looking into how to clean it without damaging the paint.


plg said...

I can't believe you moved all those printer cabinets!!! You are a brute woman!
Love the panels - are they oil or acrylic paint?

Flatfish said...

I have no idea what type of paint was used. If had to guess I would say oil since it was in a indoor pool room. There is a reason I have all this body weight, a skinny little person would not be able to move furniture. :)

toners said...

I knew that's what all my extra poundage was for! LOL!!

plg said...

In the bottom corner of one of the panels, try 2 parts water & one part Pine Sol and wash it down. It shouldn't hurt the paint, but that's why I'm suggesting to test it on the bottom corner where it won't be seen.
I used to do a lot of acrylic painting - which was sealed with a water based varnish to protect it.