Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Plum Poppers

I'm not a big fan of plums - just can't get over the tart taste of the skin and pit. We picked some plums at a friend's house this weekend and they smell soooo good. I decided that I had to find a way to bypass the skin and get to the tasty stuff inside.I now call them "plum poppers". I break the top of the plum and quickly suck out sweet stuff. This all has to be done super fast because ripe plums are really juicy. I do have to stand over the sink but so far it's working. Anybody else do plum poppers?


plg said...

This has to be a "Lisa" original - NO way does anyone else eat a plum like that. What a goof!
Why don't you just have Fritz pit them like he does his cherries?

toners said...

Nope, I just eat the whole thing...I guess you're just weird! ROFL!!! (heading back now to make sure my dessert items are not touching each other on the plate...)

Debbie said...

Don't let them bug you. I don't like the skin either. I usually don't buy plums because of this and when I do eat them, I take the skin off. The ones I ate at MJs were very good but they would have been GREAT if I had thought of this idea.