Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to handle stress - the Buddha's Triangle treatment

Working at the Akiyama Wellness Center is not your typical work place. Today was a "how to reduce my stress" day after my melt down last night. So with apple confit cooking away in the kitchen making the whole building smell of baked cinnamon apples (yes it smelled super good) I asked if acupuncture could help with stress reduction.  Well, did you know there are two types of stress?  Angry stress or depression stress, both are treated differently.  I had to think about it because going through a divorce you bounce back and forth it's a tough call. I went with the depressed stress treatment since I'm sad to be losing my house.  She did what is called "Buddha's Triangle" to help get my good feelings back into my heart.  I also had a few needles put in my forehead to help get a better night's sleep. Now that hurt a little since you can't frown or really move your face muscles while the needles are in.  I have to have all my treatments sitting up at the front desk since I run the building and don't have the time to lay down. Moving is not a good thing when having acupuncture done but I have no choice.  After all that I had a nice steak for lunch which helps with my low level iron issues and some very tasty apple confit.  So we will see how it goes tonight.

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