Friday, November 4, 2011

Cup of Tea with my friends

Some of my best friends live thousands of miles away. Without the support from all my buddies far and near I would have never made it this far with my divorce. My house went on the MLS today and I hope for a quick sale. It's super hard to lose the house that I remodeled for our retirement. So today I decided to have to cup of tea (Earl Grey is a favorite of one of my buddies) with those far away who I know are sending me positive thoughts.  Looking forward to when Annie and I can go home together to a peaceful and safe place all our own.


Susan Raihala said...

Lisa, have you found a place that will take dogs yet? I'm so praying you have!

Big hugs,

Patti said...

Did I miss the memo on this tea party?? Hate when that happens......(((((hugs))))) from Michigan dear friend of mine!