Monday, November 21, 2011

Driver License

I haven't been around a scale since we put our house on the market a few weeks ago.  To my surprise this morning I lost another 10 pounds. I'm not actively trying to lose weight but with the all the packing and moving boxes everyday and not remembering to eat the pounds are dropping off. Guess having no free time and not being a fast food eater and getting divorced must be the ticket. 
I'm now only 10 pounds away from what's on my driver's license.  I was wondering if anyone else has never changed their weight on their license thinking they would get back to it someday. ;)

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Susan Raihala said...

The past two weeks have meant a 5 pound weight loss for me. Like you, I've been too busy packing boxes, moving boxes and furniture, trying to do a million things at once. Less snacking. Smaller meals, more moving. I hope this is a jump-start to 20 pounds going bye-bye. I'm motivated now!

Just be careful that your weight loss doesn't get out of hand. When I was in my mid-20s, I worked weird hours teaching five different classes at three different universities one semester and "accidentally" lost 15 pounds that I didn't need to lose. One day, my hubby said, "Susan, you're too skinny." I got on the scale and almost passed out. Had no idea I'd lost any weight at all. Even one of my students brought me protein bars and said she was worried about me!

So, be careful.