Wednesday, January 12, 2011

white vs brown rice and Miss Squeak

Squeaker was attacked by another cat (at least that is what the vet thinks) and she is now on the mend. She had a high fever so they pumped her with fluids and she looked like a balloon.  I'm not kidding, it was scary seeing her that way.  They also shaved her back end (to make sure there were no wounds there) and I have to say, that is funny looking.  I was tempted to take a photo but didn't think anyone else would be interested. Sure must be cold when she goes outside.

This afternoon I was wondering if other people do this or is it a totally California thing. I was snacking on a California roll I picked up at my produce store (it's a Japanese produce store), cooking veggies and chicken for my dog, unpacking 15 pounds of brown/white rice (it's a new type of brown rice that tastes like white rice) and debating if I should make curry or a thin crust pizza for dinner with all the fresh produce I picked up and have my green tea with extra toasted rice you can buy to add to your tea.Related Posts with Thumbnails  Every had popped rice?  It's tastes like popcorn only super tiny.  I'm sure some day it will become a very trendy food item.
Here's a photo of the new rice.  If you grew up eating white Japanese rice, brown rice just doesn't cut it.  We all know brown rice is better for you so now this new rice solves that dilemma.

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Nicole said...

I am very interested in that rice. I'd love to try it, but living in Wisconsin probably won't see it for a while. When I was a kid my mom would heat up some rice in a bowl with milk and sugar, and we'd eat it as a treat. Holy blood sugar, Batman! It was darn tasty though.

As for your poor cat, I used to shave my little tuxedo with the thick coat in the summer. She looked like a giant meowing rat, but she was more comfortable.