Monday, January 17, 2011

Marketing Books

Related Posts with ThumbnailsMy 2011 word is  "Free" which when it's combined with another word usually means something else in a positive way.  I've been doing a lot of research on marketing (getting ready to launch some new ideas) at the library.  Out of the hundreds of books I've looked at, two stand out.
 The first is "the money book for FREElancers and part-timers, and the self-employed"  If you are a freelancer, then most of the information in the book is just common sense but they do have some good tips. The authors are freelancer themselves so their book isn't filled with a lot useless theory junk.
The other book which sort of fell off the shelf was "the zen of social media marketing".  I wasn't expecting it to be any good but I checked it out.  What makes this book interesting is that the author Shama Hyder Kabani makes this book free on her website.  Because technology changes so fast the only way for her to keep things current is to have an online book too. It's also a way for her to drive traffic to her website - marketing 101.  What I liked about this book is her very simple way of explaining things and what products or services she has actually used in her business.  She explains the why and then let's you decided.  I'm still a newbie with facebook, linkedIn, twitter and you tube so it was nice to read her break down on how each can help you market your freelance work.  Both books are simple enough to read and understand.

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The authors of the first book are friends of my sister! Denise went to the North Carolina School of the Arts with my sis (she plays a mean flute!), and when I was pregnant with Nick, Denise completely freaked out when I let her touch my belly and she felt Nick kick. Joe is, according to my sister, one of the funniest people alive. They wrote another book called Signing Their Lives Away about the men who signed the Declaration of's a really fun read!