Monday, January 3, 2011

Mystery Vacation

Related Posts with ThumbnailsI found this interesting site about going on a "Mystery Vacation".  Women sign up with their buddies and then climb in a bus for weekend of adventure.  They have no idea what they will be doing or where they will be going.  I thought this was interesting but I'm not sure it's something I could do but it did give me an idea.  Next month is my 30th wedding anniversary so I asked hubby if he could handle going on vacation without knowing anything about it. Really I've planned most our joint vacations so other than not knowing destination it's not that strange. What makes it hard is that I like to travel (run around and see everything 24/7) and my hubby likes to go on vacation (sit and veg in one place) so finding something we both would like to do makes it a challenge.

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Sues said...

You sound like us! I just can't sit still. Too much to see and do! But I would love a surrprise as long as it wasn't Detroit or Toledo!