Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Thannksgiving Card 2018

Very Old Amuse  Thanksgiving Stamp

I was a  little late in getting my Halloween cards out this year, so I'm working extra hard on getting my Thanksgiving cards out on time. I wanted to do something other than a turkey or pumpkin pie, which I've done in the past. Plus I didn't want to buy anything specific of just Thanksgiving. 

When I'm in a creative slum, I randomly slap color (twinkling H2Os) on water color paper. I have stacks of it laying around waiting for me to find something to do with it. For 2018, I decided to break on my mini leaf punch (does anyone use those anymore?) and make a wreath. Yes, this is a very old school design but it works for me. 
I'm really getting into stamping on the envelopes, to the point where I have to think of a card to go with the envelope so I can mail it!
Coloring done with chalk on the front

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