Saturday, September 10, 2016

My Junking trip to London and Paris

Kimpton Flea Market, London  2016
Took me awhile to figure out how to blog about my recent trip to London and Paris. My good friend Patty wanted to do something big for her 50th birthday (it's a year long celebration) so she picked Paris. The tour group she picked was also doing a London trip a week earlier, so we signed up for both. You may notice I fail to mention the tour group's name, because it wasn't the best travel experience I've ever had. Being a one woman operation, I can only hope it gets better as she get more experience. It was billed as a "junking" tour of London. (Junking means shopping at flea markets type of places.) We did do a little of that but not as much as I thought we would if we followed the very loose schedule from the tour leader. There were some other hard core junkers on the trip and they googled whatever they could find and let us tag along so in the end we did do a lot of junking, thanks to other guests on the trip. 
The Kimpton Flea market at the race track was the best and what I though we would see more of. Huge and tons of cool stuff, most of which was too big for me to bring home. 

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