Saturday, September 10, 2016

Favorite photo from my Europe Trip 2016

Out of the thousands of photos taken, this one is my favorite. The back story to all that had happened up to this point is what makes the trip memorable. 
1) The doll is a figure of Patty's boss Linda. She would pop in random photos.
2)We went rouge after we found out the tour group we signed up for wasn't what we expected. We set off doing our own thing everyday.
3) We squeezed into a bike rickshaw and drove through parts of Paris we would not have seen otherwise, because our driver didn't always stay on the streets. Had to close my eyes a few times.
4) On one wild rickshaw ride, we passed a store that made Janet scream. How she remember where it was after hours of shopping in another area, I will never know. We ended up in this boutique eyeglasses shop of a designer Janet loves. She picked up two pairs. I have a really hard time finding glasses that fit and amazingly there was a neon blue pair that fit from the designer Theo. Even Patty picked up a purple pair. 

What I love about this photo is that is shows 3 smiling and very independent women running around Paris discovering new things and pretty much ignoring all the tourist traps. I never knew where I was in the city and barely understood how to use the metro system. An adventure indeed!

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