Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pokemon Go

Always have a stick ready for play time.
I started playing Pokemon Go last week because my adult children said it was fun. I know the news only prints the negative or really stupid stuff people have done, but I found it to be very entertaining. 
Annie and I now go to the local parks near our house for a walk. In doing that I found out about a big dog play group that meets every night for about an hour.  Annie is the only dog out of 30 that will find something for you to fetch. People find that funny, so there is no shortage of playmates for her. After a hour of play time, we walk another hour so I can play Pokemon Go. Annie will carry around a stick just in case I stop near anyone not afraid of dogs to see if they will play with her.  Annie gets a good work out (a tired dog is a happy dog) and some social time with dogs the same size. There are no little yappy dogs in the group, because if you have an attitude you would quickly become the center of attention, which is not a good thing at all!
So we now walk 2+ hours a day, clocking in 6-10 miles. It's a win for both Annie and me. Now I just need to learn how to fight in the gym. :)  

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