Saturday, August 6, 2016

August Auction - DGW 2016

DGW Auction August 6, 2016
Today is auction day down at DGW auction house in Sunnyvale. 
I normally don't go to the live auctions anymore. I put in silent bids instead. There are too many cool things for me not to be there in person today. Does take a good chunk out of one's day but if I can score some good buys for my consignment booth it will be worth it!
There is a narrow vintage oak filing cabinet (one I've never seen before) that would be perfect for 8.5X11 paper storage. The old library card file cabinets is another hot item people collect for their craft rooms. The display box for silk threads is cool but I think it will good way over my budget. It isn't in mint condition, as two of the drawer have the inside replaced with particle board, which was a super bad choice. Still, a non dealer person will jump on it. I like the doll house dioramas, just because it something different. Not to sure that I can resell them for a profit, so I have to be there in person to bid to see how low the bidding will be. Wish me luck!  Related Posts with Thumbnails

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