Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Carmel - May 2016

Carmel City Beach/Farmer's Market

For Mother's day, we spent the weekend down at the Carmel beach house. It was once again a house full of kids, dogs, noise and way more food than we could eat. Really miss those days when my mom was still here and going to her house for all the family holidays. After everyone left on Sunday, Annie and I spent a few more days to enjoy the beach. One day we walked into the town to Annie's favorite snack shop. It's a self service type of place for dogs. Annie is good about not trying to eat everything in sight. She really does sniff everything before deciding which ones she wants. Another things we picked up was a rain coat. Annie is hard to fit so I have to try everything on her. This coat is a XXXL. Annie is a big girl but I would never thing of her as a 3X. 

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