Friday, July 17, 2015

Santa Fe International Folk Art Market 2015

Ukrainian Eggs, Gourds - Peru & Mexico, Oil drum art - Africa
Some of the things I got at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market this past weekend. I think you can tell I really like gourd art. The detail of the work always amazes me! I picked up a gourd made into a purse that looks like an owl. My buddy Patty said "that's going to be one of the things when your kids are clean out your house after you die and wonder, what the hell were you thinking?" I plan to use it as a storage piece and not as a purse. I think it's cute.
The  pysanky Ukrainian eggs are totally amazing  too!
I picked up a few for Christmas gifts for my super crafty friends. 
Overall the market was fun and I'm glad I went. Since I've traveled a lot to third world countries, I've seen most of the folk art that was there but it was still great to be able to support the work of these artists and the mission of the Folk Art Market.

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