Friday, July 17, 2015

Santa Fe 2015

My trip to Santa Fe this past weekend was sort of a spur of the moment trip. There were some things done ahead of time since I was meeting one of my good buddies from Portland there. Hotel, airfare and event tickets were all done months ago but everything else was decided when we got there. Back in the day I would plan everything out to the minute but now that I'm older and travel more, it doesn't bug me not to know what the day plans are.
Shopping is a big thing in Santa Fe, a really big thing! The photos above are just the things I got in town before I even set foot in the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market, which we flew out to visit. My big splurge was buying a  silver pendent and cuff bracelet made by Alexander Sanchez, a young Navajo artist. The turquoise beads are from the Sleeping Beauty turquoise mine that closes two years ago. All the symbols on the pendent mean something, but heck if I can remember them all. :)
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